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[A1] Research Proposal

Receive Your Token

A submission token should already be sent to your campus email (student-id@smail.nju.edu.cn). Submit via the following command (fill in your token/id/name and submission path):

curl http://jyywiki.cn/upload \
  -F course=ISER2021 \
  -F module=A1 \
  -F token={{your token}} \
  -F stuid={{student id}} \
  -F stuname={{name (chinese)}} \
  -F file=@{{path to your submission, the docx file}}

You can see you submissions by filling in the token in the up-right corner of the web page.

Deadline: Thursday 4 Nov 2021 23:59:59.

ISER2021-A1 提交结果

Write a research proposal about your current research project. It should include the background, motivation, plan, and expected (or preliminary) outcomes of your research. This assignment focuses on the contents of the paper. The requirements are:

  1. Write in English. Use the double-column Interim Word (docx) Template from the ACM master article template.
  2. All proposals must not exceed four pages for the main text (including figures, tables, and appendices). One more page containing only references is allowed.
  3. The research proposal should be anonymous that the author's identity is not revealed. See the ICSE 2022 submission FAQ for more details.

Submissions should strictly conform to the formatting guidelines. Any submission violating the guidelines will be desk rejected without review. Violations include exceeding page limit, using a wrong template, alternation of spacing/font size. Desk rejection results in a 50% penalty of research proposal score.

What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a preliminary version of a research paper. Your research proposal may not include every details involved in solving a research problem. However, it should clearly describe the background, motivation, and plan of your research. A typical research proposal consists of:

  1. Abstract (100-200 words).
  2. Introduction (usually less than 1 page) to overview your paper. You don't need to provide many details in the introduction. But you should try your best to make any relevant reader interested in your paper.
  3. Preliminary literature review or related work to help the reader understand state of the art.
  4. Problem formulation. Always beware that the problem is much more important than your solution.
  5. Research plan or methodology.
  6. Preliminary results or expected outcomes, if you have any.
  7. Discussions, e.g., threats that may lead to failure of your research.
  8. Conclusion (also short).


Abstract, introduction, and conclusion are mandatory in your research proposal. Other parts can have a flexible organization:

  1. Discussions can be placed within the preliminary results;
  2. Literature review or related work can be placed after the discussions;
  3. ...

No matter your research proposal organization, try your best to make your proposal readable to a broad spectrum of readers (not only expert readers in your field). You may search the Web for more information about writing a research proposal.

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