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[A0] Paper Bidding


Deadline: 23:59:59, Sept. 26. The deadline is firm.

Download all papers in the reading list. Make sure you get the publisher's version (not a poster/author's version). Read each paper's title and abstract to understand each paper's research problem. Then, tag your interested papers.

Selected students will give a 15-minute talk (of a designated paper) at class meeting, as if he/she was the paper author.



  1. (刘斯宇) Learning from mistakes — A comprehensive study on real world concurrency bug characteristics. ASPLOS'08.
  2. (朱梓源) Understanding integer overflow in C/C++. ICSE'12.
  3. (钱意) On the naturalness of software. ICSE'12.
  4. (李泽昆) Why we refactor? Confessions of GitHub contributors. FSE'16.


  1. (朱治学) Maintaining mental models: A study of developer work habits. ICSE'06.
  2. (颜俊梁) Automating string processing in spreadsheets using input-output examples. POPL'11.
  3. (陈岩) A three-year participant observation of software startup software evolution. ICSE'17 (SEIP).
  4. (高明晨) code2vec: Learning distributed representations of code. POPL'19.


  1. (李苏菀) Symbolic execution and program testing, 1976.
  2. (陈恒杰) Model checking for programming languages using VeriSoft. POPL'97.
  3. (王加益) KLEE: Unassisted and automatic generation of high-coverage tests for complex systems programs. OSDI'08.
  4. (李煦阳) Angelix: Scalable multiline program patch synthesis via symbolic analysis. ICSE'16.


  1. (TBD) Dynamically discovering likely program invariants to support program evolution. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), 27(2), 2001.
  2. (张腾) Bugs as deviant behavior: A general approach to inferring errors in systems code. SOSP'01.
  3. (周意可) eXplode: A lightweight, general system for finding serious storage system errors. OSDI'06.
  4. (张天泰) Valgrind: A framework for heavyweight dynamic binary instrumentation. PLDI'07.


  1. (金彩元) Visualization of test information to assist fault localization. ICSE'02.
  2. (TBD) Simplifying and isolating failure-inducing input. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), 28(2), 2002.
  3. (黄元顺) Microreboot – A technique for cheap recovery. OSDI'04.
  4. (杜星亮) Debugging in the (very) large: Ten years of implementation and experience. SOSP'09.
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