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[A1] Paper Selection and Reference Graph

⚠️ Submission Deadline

23:59:59 Oct 9, 2022. The deadline is firm.

Skimming the Paper List

Download all papers in the paper list. Read each paper's title and abstract to grasp the research field, research problem, and claimed contributions. Take it easy if you get stuck--understanding technical details is not necessary.

Finding Relevant Papers

Then, find one most relevant paper (or book) closest to your research topic as a seed.

  1. Find at least 20 relevant papers to your seed by backward/forward searching the references. Read the paper titles and abstracts to establish an outline of the research field. Hint: Use Google scholar and other online resources.
  2. Draw a diagram displaying the relations between the selected 20 papers. Specifically, each node in the diagram corresponds to a paper. The diagram must be generated from a DSL source code (e.g., Flowchart.js, Tikz, graphviz, ...). Provide a Makefile to generate a PDF file from command line.
  3. Hand in the diagram PDF and scripts.

Submission Guidelines

A submission token should already be sent to your campus email (student-id@smail.nju.edu.cn). Submit via the following command (fill in your token/id/name and submission path):

curl http://jyywiki.cn/upload \
  -F course=ISER2022 \
  -F module=A1 \
  -F token={{token}} \
  -F stuid={{student id}} \
  -F stuname={{full name (chinese)}} \
  -F file=@{{path to your submission, the zip file}}

Upon succeed, the following message will be displayed:

[SUCC ✓] Received ISER2022-A1 ... (...) xxx.zip at ...

Fill in the token in the up-right corner of this page (and refresh) will display your submissions below.

ISER2022-A1 提交结果

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