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[A4] Research Proposal Revisions

Deadline: 23:59:59 December 2, 2022.

In this assignment, you are asked to carefully revise your research proposal to meet a significantly higher bar like a serious top-tier conference submission. You must enable the “track changes” mode when revising your proposal:

The following types of improvements are encouraged:

  • Fix the broken logic flow to make your presentation clear and concise. You may ask your friend to help you identify difficult-to-follow parts of your paper. He/she may find the entire paper unreadable
  • Revise the organization of your text, e.g., make topic sentences clearly conclude a paragraph.
  • Revise the ambiguous, vague, or unclear sentences. Breaking down long sentences into simple ones is usually a good idea.
  • Fix any spelling or grammatical issues.

Recall that writing a paper is just like coding--referencing undefined concepts will yield broken logic and compile error, and logic jumps cause lint warnings. To improve your paper's precision, you can act as an adversary to find the “maximum misunderstanding” of your claim by $$\textrm{vagueness}(s) = \displaystyle \max_{s' \equiv s} d(s', s).$$ You may also improve your paper's clarity (just like we did in class) by removing anything redundant by $$\displaystyle \textrm{minify}(s) = \argmin_{s' \equiv s} |s'|.$$

After revision, your proposal should look like a serious research paper. Specifically, you should take good care of different type of readers:

  • Junior-year undergraduates. They have some (but limited) background in programming, algorithms, and computer systems. You should try to convince them that you are trying to solve a really interesting problem with really exciting techniques.
  • Graduates, but from other areas in computer science. They can have their independent judgment of the quality of your research work.
  • Expert, but from other areas in computer science. They read a lot of papers. You should quickly impress them with your good work.
  • Your domain experts, maybe the author of a paper you cited. They are likely the most weighted reviewers in the program committee to decide whether your paper should be thrown away. They will have a quick and precise judgment of your research contributions. So don't irritate them!

Try to make your article readable to all the above audiences. Don't worry about writing too much background-Your domain experts will skim your topic sentences and directly jump to your point. See the power of topic sentences!

Useful reference materials:

Submission Guidelines

A submission token should already be sent to your campus email (student-id@smail.nju.edu.cn). Submit a single docx file via the following command (fill in your token/id/name and submission path):

curl http://jyywiki.cn/upload \
  -F course=ISER2022 \
  -F module=A4 \
  -F token={{token}} \
  -F stuid={{student id}} \
  -F stuname={{full name (chinese)}} \
  -F file=@{{path to your submission, the zip file}}

Upon succeed, the following message will be displayed:

[SUCC ✓] Received ISER2022-A4 ... (...) xxx.docx at ...

Fill in the token in the up-right corner of this page (and refresh) will display your submissions below.

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