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[A5] Research Proposal Finalization

Deadline: Friday 6 Jan 2023 23:59:59 (due to the COVID outbreak).

Formatting Requirements

  1. Use LaTeX (with acmart):

    \acmConference[ISER 2022]{The 2022 Introduction to Software Engineering Research at Nanjing University}{Fall 2022}{Nanjing, China}

    Reference format: \bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}.

    Important note: you should put your name and affiliation (English) in the \author{} block, such that your research proposal still looks good when anonymous is removed. The instructors will keep a printed proceeding.

  2. All proposals must not exceed four pages for the main text (including figures, tables, and appendices). One more page containing only references is allowed.

  3. The research proposal should be anonymous that the author's identity is not revealed. See the “double-anonymous review process” part of the ICSE 2023 submission guideline for more details.

Violating the formatting rules will lead to desk rejection.

Compilation Requirements

  1. Submit a zip-format archive of source code. The document root should be named main.tex (any directory will be okay).
  2. Your source code will be compiled by Online Judge:
    • Docker container running Ubuntu 20.04
    • With texlive-full installed
    • Build command: latexmk -pdf main.tex

Typeset a Beautiful Paper

Try your test to create a beautiful paper. Please refer to the texdoc of acmart (texdoc acmart in command line). Here is a link to common LaTeX issues. You may also find beautiful papers in POPL/PLDI/OOPSLA/ECOOP. Another source to learn typesetting is from preprint sources on arXiv.

We recommend your research proposal to include an overview figure to clearly describe your approach's workflow and challenges. Examples:

You may use Visio, Keynote, or PowerPoint. A more professional tool may be TikZ:

You may also show some (hypothetical) evaluation results with random/synthetic data.

Modern plotting tools can export LaTeX-friendly plots. An alternative is to use pgfplots. Use booktab when typesetting tables. A bit color/font changes will make your paper more accessible.

Finally, you may embed figures into your text or tables:

Submission Guidelines

A submission token should already be sent to your campus email (student-id@smail.nju.edu.cn). Submit a single docx file via the following command (fill in your token/id/name and submission path):

curl http://jyywiki.cn/upload \
  -F course=ISER2022 \
  -F module=A5 \
  -F token={{token}} \
  -F stuid={{student id}} \
  -F stuname={{full name (chinese)}} \
  -F file=@{{path to your submission, the zip file}}

Upon succeed, the following message will be displayed:

[SUCC ✓] Received ISER2022-A4 ... (...) xxx.docx at ...

Fill in the token in the up-right corner of this page (and refresh) will display your submissions below.

ISER2022-A5 提交结果

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