Presentation Commentary

Yanyan Jiang


Beware of the deadlines!

  • A4 (Research proposal revision): Today

Presentation Commentary

  • How to speak
    • Rules of thumb
    • Rules of Lint Warning
  • Examples

How to Speak?


EXPLODE: A Lightweight, General System for Finding Serious Storage System Errors

  • Background
  • Related work
  • Motivation
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

How to Speak, Again

Let's watch the first 2.5 minutes

  • Again, again, and again...
  • Video

The opening is amazing!

  • Well... He did a much better job than I do.

Build Audiences' Mental Model

Take care of all types audiences

  • Experts - everything in this domain is trivial to them
  • Students - have some expertise, but not yet matured
  • Outsiders - CS undergraduates seeking for advisors
  • Big bosses - randomly comes in and out

Audiences are essentially state machines

  • States
    • (N)ormal, (E)xciting, D(elighted), (C)onfused, (B)oring, (S)leeping, (L)eaving + (K)nowledge Learned
  • Transitions
    • Your slides and words
    • Same words, different transitions for different audiences

Rules of Thumb

Tell a story

  • Refer to “How to speak”!
  • My invited talk at Chinasoft'22
    • I prepared this talk in a rush (~3 hours)

Link the slides (and titles)

  • Tree structure of presentation

Reduce dependencies

  • The “least assumption” principle

(Reflect these ideas on the state machine model)

Rules of Lint Warning (1)

Text blocks

  • To read, or not to read?

Rules of Lint Warning (2)


  • Exception: Just showing “there is a formula”

Rules of Lint Warning (3)


  • $\le$ 5 lines, OK; otherwise, not OK

Rules of Lint Warning (4)

Experimental results (tables, figures, etc.)

  • Always deliver messages (opinions)
  • “Improved the SOTA by XX%” is meaningless to most of the audiences—So what?

Live Broadcast Week!

Next week (Dec 5—Dec 11)

  • On bilibili
  • A virtual meeting online?
    • An ssh chat room?