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Introduction to Software Engineering Research (Fall 2021)


⚠️ Everything (class meeting, slides, notes, etc.) will be in English.

  • Class meeting: Friday 10:10—12:00
    • Class meetings go hybrid at 仙 II-109 and online
  • Grading policy: Presentation (30%), Assignments (30%), Programming Assignments (40%)
  • Lecturer: Chang Xu (许畅), Yanyan Jiang (蒋炎岩), and Jun Ma (马骏)
  • Office hours: Friday 14:00-16:00, 809 CST Building
  • Congrats to the award winners!

Reading Paper Reading and Presentation

Understanding state of the art is of critical importance for surviving graduate study. We selected 20 papers from peer-reviewed top venues or journals. Many of them are ground-breaking milestone papers that established a research field. Every attendee should thoroughly read all these papers. Every attendee will also be assigned a paper to present at class meetings (in English).

Writing Research Proposal and Peer Review

Writing is the cornerstone of research communication. Writing is also particularly difficult for Chinese native speakers. Attendees will practice their writing skills through writing a short research proposal (up to 4 pages) to describe the project he/she is working on. The research proposal undergoes a draft → revision → texify procedure. Attendees will also participate in peer-reviewing others' research proposals.

Hacking Programming Assignments and Artifact Evaluation

A piece of high-quality software/system research is always shipped with a high-standard artifact. Attendees will write code to statically and dynamically analyze programs and pack an artifact following the “reusable” criterion, with easy-to-install tools, documentation, and a replication package.

Class Meetings

  1. (Sept. 24) R How to Read | [A0] Paper Bidding | [A1] Research Proposal (draft)
  2. (Oct. 8) R How to Speak | H How to Code
  3. (Oct. 15) H Static Program Analysis | [PA1] codesim
  4. (Oct. 22) H Dynamic Program Analysis | [PA2] jmtrace
  5. (Oct. 29) W How to Experiment | W How to Write
  6. (Nov. 5) EMSE Paper Presentations | [A2] Research Proposal (revision)
  7. (Nov. 19) SEP Paper Presentations
  8. (Nov. 26) W How to Typeset | [A3] Research Proposal (finalize) | [A4] Artifact
  9. (Dec. 3) FM Paper Presentations
  10. (Dec. 10) STA Paper Presentations | [A5] Peer Review & Artifact Evaluation
  11. (Dec. 17) SME Paper Presentations
  12. (Dec. 24) Summary and Awards
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