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Introduction to Software Engineering Research (Fall 2022)

⚠️ 全英文课程

Everything (class meeting, slides, notes, etc.) will be in English.


  • (R) Reading and Presentation Graduate study suffers when you fail to catch the state of the art. Attendees should try their best to read as many papers as possible. There is no easy way, but this class offers a few tricks to make this journey less painful.
  • (W) Writing and Experiments Writing is the cornerstone of research communication. Writing is also particularly difficult for Chinese native speakers. Attendees will practice their writing skills through writing a short research proposal (up to 4 pages) to describe the project he/she is working on.
  • (H) Hacking Programs and Analysis Software engineering is the science of effective and efficient construction of large-scale software systems. Attendees will learn basic static and dynamic hacking techniques for extracting information from programs and their executions.

Class Meetings

  1. R (Sept 23) The Craft of (Software Engineering) Research
  2. H (Sept 30) Compilers and Semantics of Programming Languages
  3. R (Oct 7) How to Speak
  4. W (Oct 14) Experiment Design in Software Engineering Research
  5. W (Oct 21) Traps and Pitfalls in Academic Writing
  6. H (Oct 28) Source Code Parsing and Static Analysis
  7. H (Nov 4) Tracing, Profiling, and Dynamic Analysis
  8. W (Nov 11) Research Proposal Commentary
  9. W (Nov 18) The $\TeX$ Typesetting System
  10. R (Dec 2) Presentation Commentary
  11. H (Dec 9) Software Testing and Validation
  12. H (Dec 16) Fault, Failure, Error, and Debugging
  13. (Dec 23) Summary and Awards

Assignments and Grading

  1. [A1, 20%] Paper selection and reference graph (Oct 9)
  2. [A2, 10%] Research proposal draft (Nov 11)
  3. [A3, 30%] Presentation video (Nov 25)
  4. [A4, 10%] Research proposal revision (Dec 2)
  5. [A5, 30%] Research proposal finalization (Dec 30)
  6. (Due to the COVID issue, there is no peer-review in this year's ISER course.)
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